Hello, my name is

angie jantz

By day: Graphic Designer. By night: Scalawag.

The magic of design isn’t just about making things look pretty—it's about making things make sense. Communicating the big idea. Compelling an important action. That’s where you’ll find me every day—sleeves rolled up, coffee in hand, cranking away. Working hard for that magic.

I’m no unicorn, but I’m on the fringes of a full-stack designer, able to take an idea from strategy to implementation with careful thought, consideration, and craft. I’m organized, committed, and flexible. Great in a team or on my own. I've also been called "fun."​ Online or offline results for Fortune 500 or mom-and-pop clients, I’m your huckleberry.

Reader's Digest Version: Coffee. Strategize. Sketch. Design. Collaborate. Redesign. Rethink. Push. Push. Push. Polish. Ship. High Five. Sleep. Repeat.


O.C. Tanner

Senior Graphic Designer

October 2006 – Present | Salt Lake City, Utah

I help organizations inspire and appreciate great work. The eagle-eyed truck driver who implements a potentially life-saving safety improvement. The dedicated grocery cashier with 25 years of stellar service. I design the materials used to honor thousands of career achievement stories just like these. Materials such as certificates, brochures, emails, posters, animations–basically any sort of merrymaking needed, print or digital. It’s a great feeling. This must be what Santa feels like all the time.

• A few of my favorite clients are Virgin Trains, U.S. Bank, and EverBank
• Created animated eCards for social sharing

Utah Free Media


April 2009 – September 2011 | Salt Lake City, Utah

I co-hosted "Stereo Hambone!”, a weekly, 3-hour radio show on utahfm.org | Utah Free Media. Did a homegrown spin on the morning talk show format with old-timey music (surf, rockabilly, exotica) and nonsense chitchat/bits (Dirt Nap Report, Rotten Tomatoes Game, among others). Besides the music and content programing, it was a blast to play audio engineer by creating all the audio bumpers and sweepers that added personality to the show. As the show’s biggest fan, my mom especially loved it.

• MCed the Utah Arts Fest (2010)
• Mentioned in City Weekly as a show to “not not miss"
• Creators of the “Rotten Tomatoes Game” (This was before Adam Carolla started playing it on his popular podcast. I doubt he ever heard us playing–it’s just a great idea.)



August 2004 – September 2006 | Tempe, Arizona

As a member of a full-service design studio, I was involved from concept to completion–brand identity creation, design and front-end web development, collateral production, email campaigns, ecommerce solutions–I was the swiss army knife of designers. And, as I was just cutting my teeth in the industry, I became quite skilled at taking out the trash and answering the phone.

Army National Guard

Band Member

December 1997 – December 2005 | Phoenix, Arizona

I was a proud member of “Arizona’s Own" 108th Army Band. You may remember me from such patriotic events as the Fiesta Bowl parade or when I played the national anthem while standing in the Arizona Diamondback’s outfield. (Hint: I was holding the clarinet.)

• Accompanied Glen Campbell during national anthem (2002)
• Performed at Pearl Harbor 60th anniversary in Hawaii (2001)

Art Institute of Phoenix

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Multimedia and Web Design

September 2000 – December 2003 | Phoenix, Arizona

I've forgotten most of my experience of going here—not because I've blocked it out—but because I've watched a lot of netflix since graduating. My only regret is selecting a university without a nationally ranked football team.

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