Hello, world! (Again)

Here I am (again), rebooting my portfolio site. Launching a fresh website is always a delight–like an internet version of New Years Day, but without the puking. (Typically, though it depends on the overall project timeline and budget.)

Obviously, I started with what I know best, the about and contact sections. I feel like after all these years I have a pretty good handle on what I’m about and how to get in touch with myself, so I knocked these sections out pretty quickly. The tough one is work. Oye. I’ve completed a lot of great projects in the last few years so it will be a challenge to pick the primo ones to highlight. Plus I’ll probably hate everything and start over again. As I said, this part will take some time.

Thanks for reading far if you’ve made it this deep. You are awarded a gold star, the highest reader rating on my site. And again, my apologizes for the momentary missing content. More magic is heading this way. Hey, I’m on this ride, too. I’m equal parts excited and terrified to see how it all turns out.

– Angie Jantz is a graphic designer currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah. She’s a fan of coffee, cats, and alliterative lists of three. 

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